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ColorSass Errand Service

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Hourly Services*:

Under 62 years of age:  We charge $20/hr flat fee for personal/general errands with a minimum of 1 hour billed. Billed in 15 minute increments after the 1st hour at a rate of $5.

Over 62 years of age, Senior Rate:  $15/hr, can combine multiple errands

Having your own personal assistant is surprisingly affordable.

All the rest:

*We can combine multiple errands into what we can do hourly. Charging by the hour, instead of by the task, provides more value to our clients. Depending on the request, we can typically accomplish multiple errands or tasks within a one-hour time frame!

Example:  If we agree as per the invoice as to $15.00 for 1 hour to pick up at the pharmacy and 3 items at the grocery at the same location, all things considered as possible to do like location, weather etc., then I would arrive at your home, give you an invoice/receipt and get the errand done and return in one hour.  Any combination of errands are possible.  YOU CAN PAY WITH Visa, Mastercard, AmEx, Discover and PayPal.

Please contact us so that we can do our best to accommodate you with these special requests.

Phila Vocia


See my new book

A Baby Boomer’s Bedtime Story

To the Moon and Back,

People Born from 1946 to 1964



People Born from 1946 to 1964 The book with its whimsical look also casts light and dark on the life and times of this unmistakable group. An expose, a keepsake, a chiding and full of happy memories, but mostly the book is full of congratulations.
The kudos are wonderfully combined for all to see and give insights about the generation born between 1946 and 1964, the Baby Boomers. A 20 Minute Audio Book with over 2 Hours of Lively Instrumental Music can be purchased at or The book is also available in Paperback or an ebook. Search the title at either websites to find them. At Createspace you will click on the Store feature first.
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Call 1-866-356-2153

To order a Paperback or Kindle ebook, go is the link:

The DVD with 2 Hours of Instrumental Music will be available soon.

Here is the audio version of the book on YouTube for you to enjoy.  We used Kizoa Software to produce it.

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A Baby Boomer’s Bedtime Story, To the Moon and Back

ebook and Paperack

An Arts and Crafts eBook or Paperback for All Ages Over 12

ebook Rooms to Rent

A Rent Collection and Arbitration Business


A Colorful Photo-Poem Essay

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A Solution to Personal Security

ebook Bizarre ways to Quit Smoking

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A Photo Essay through Gardens, Walking Paths and Bike Paths

ebook Pictomoney’s Power Payline

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ebook Breathe Planet Breathe! Ideas and Notes about Electric Car Charging Parking Meters and Sending  Dried Fruit and Making Sandals Instructions to the needy

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Wellspring Relief

a 501 C3

National Non-Profit Organization

We donate health bar snacks to give the participants energy to do their work, copy machines, paper and ink plus websites and a book on how to make rugs, tote bags and babies booties from old clothing, along with the old clothing from thrift stores to start them on their way to Civic Centers in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and other areas where people have had their homes destroyed by fire, flood, earth quakes, or wind in the United States or later on to reach out to countries effected by wars and disasters.

To Make a Donation go to:

Contact:  Wellspring Relief Phila Vocia/President, 3121 – D Fire Rd #165, Egg Harbor Twp, NJ 08234 Office Landline 609-553-9587